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Our Culture

Organizational culture includes our expectations, experiences, and philosophy, as well as the values that guide our behavior. Our culture is expressed through how we treat each other and our interactions with customers, donors, and volunteers. Our culture is based on the beliefs, attitudes, customs, and written and unwritten guidelines that we have developed and upheld for a long period of time.

Our Mission

Goodwill Industries of the Berkshires and Southern Vermont helps individuals in our community overcome barriers to employment, attain independence, gain confidence, and enhance their quality of life through vocational and educational training, and other support services.  

Our Philosophy

At Goodwill, we believe that everyone has a skill, and it is our responsibility to help each individual realize their potential and worth.

Our Vision

At Goodwill, everyone has the opportunity to find their purpose, reach their highest level of self-sufficiency, and become a productive member of our community. 

Our Beliefs on Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

At Goodwill, we endeavor to create a culture in which each individual is respected, valued, and given the opportunity to be successful. We recognize that each person’s definition of success is different and are constantly mindful of respecting one another’s differences.

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity necessitates that we always act in a way that is respectful, receptive to different ideas, and responsive to accommodating individual needs. We value the differences that people bring to our organization and recognize that it is through these differences that we become stronger and learn from one another.

Our values on inclusion and diversity include:

  • People are our most important asset
  • Equal opportunity for all
  • Respect for the individual
  • Promote independence and personal choice for all citizens
  • Employment as an integral component of self-esteem and social change
  • Continuous pursuit of excellence in customer and participant satisfaction in quality of services

Our Values

Commitment – Demonstrate our dedication to employees, participants and the community.

Learning – Challenge each other to strive for excellence and to continually grow.

Innovation – Exercise our power to embrace continuous improvement.

Integrity – Earn trust through all of our actions.

Respect and Inclusiveness – Treat all people with dignity and respect and value diversity.

Teamwork – Achieve goals and deliver our mission together.