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Goodwill Food Bank Truck to Operate Through April 2021

Due to COVID-19, the food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters prepared themselves for its impact on the particular challenges of low-income families and individuals. In order to ensure that the health, well-being and food security needs are met in North County, federal nutrition programs are intended to reach people in need of food assistance during this time; the Goodwill truck delivered canned goods, fresh vegetables & fruit, dairy products, drinks, frozen meat & dinners to 5 North County food pantries, soup kitchens in North Adams & Williamstown and one homeless shelter in Adams.

Responding to an increased need for food, Goodwill Industries of the Berkshires and Southern Vermont with a grant from the Berkshire United Way and Taconic Foundation in partnership with the Western Massachusetts Food Bank, delivered over 500,000 pounds of food to North County from April 15th 2020 to February 16th 2022.

As of February 16th, 2022; the Goodwill Industries of the Berkshires and Southern Vermont food truck served 13,157 households which consisted of 32,580 individuals.

Due to continuous challenges facing the low-income residents in North County; Goodwill truck will continue picking up food from Western Massachusetts Food Bank in Hatfield and deliver nutritional food to the North County residents until the end of April 2021.

Through our partnership with the Williamstown Community Bible Church for the last three years; Maryam Kamangar, Director of Community Development attends the church the third Wednesday of each month to provide resources to any individual or families in need of getting information on food stamp, section 8, hand out of free children's books, list of job trainings and employments at Goodwill and other non-profit or for-profit organizations. 

Picture: Maryam Kamangar, Director of Community Development at Goodwill, Eddie Mutch, Supervisor of Maintenance and truck driver at Goodwill, Phyllis & Bryce Babcock, Organizers of the Williamstown Community Bible Church.