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Customer Service

Interested in a customer service career?  Registration is on-going.



Our Soar for Success Program Customer Service consists of an online component that offers a nationally recognized Certification in Customer Service.  This is a Customer Focused program, that emphasizes the philosophy that we are all each other’s customer.

The Customer Service Institute of America offers a system that allows students to access Customer Service training through a customized Goodwill portal. Through the portal the Mission Services team can access the progress of each student.

Once all 8 modules of the training have been completed the students are emailed their certificates.

How Does It Work?

Delivered over the course of two weeks, this is a time efficient way for an organization to have current and newly hired employees participate while taking only an hour or so of their work day. And for those seeking employment, this is an effective way to gain skills needed for a variety of jobs. Each module takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete. It is up to the employee to schedule time to take the course and go at their own pace to complete the 8 modules. Once all of the employees have completed the program the employees and facilitators will meet via zoom to discuss the program, respond to questions, and reinforce what has been learned. The time frame for completion is to be determined and enforced by the employee’s management.

This program is 2 weeks long with rolling enrollment open now..

To enroll in this program, please click on the link below to sign up online or call Kathy Anker at 413-442-0061 x14 to have a discussion about interest in the program.

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