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Faces of Goodwill

Derrick's Story

Derrick's Story

 A Goodwill Success Story 

This is the story of a man who started his association with Goodwill as a participant in 2012 in the Community Service Corrections Training Program.  Derrick Cameron enjoyed working at Goodwill to gain usable work skills upon his release from prison.  This was his priority placement for 90 days while he learned how to bale textiles, sort and hang.

Upon release, he got a job at MacDonald’s but continued coming to Goodwill as a participant.   He disliked his paid job so he volunteered for 2 months and then he was jubilantly hired in 2013.  Derrick has received an Employee of the Month Recognition Award, his 5-year pin and a Certificate in Custodial Training, Certificate in Soft Skills and pallet jack training.  He is currently mentoring to become a Logistics Supervisor.

His mentoring consists of learning how to schedule truck pick-ups and deliveries, the weights on the trucks, holding employee huddles for work assignments and recording production numbers in the computer system.  He is extremely proud about learning his new duties, gaining confidence and developing solid and productive work relations and inspiring some of his old acquaintances.

In 2018, with the assistance of a Goodwill staff member he applied to have his record sealed and finally in November 2020 he received a Certificate of his record being sealed. Derricks future goals include: 

·            Obtaining his GED, 

·            Achieving a meaningful promotion at Goodwill, 

·            Getting his driver’s license

·            Being a positive influence in his grand daughter’s life.  

He says “I am proud of the man I have become”. His Goodwill teammates are gratified to have Derrick in a leadership role.