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Employability Workshops

More and more employers consider soft skills as important as technical skills.


What Are Soft Skills?

Most employers are looking for job candidates who possess more than technical skills. They want employees who also possess strong soft skills. Sometimes referred to as “interpersonal skills” or “people skills,” soft skills are more social than technical. They are reflective of a person’s ability to communicate effectively with others, maintain good organization and time management, accept feedback from others, and problem solve. While technical skills such as words typed per minute or machinery operation look good on a resume and help to get an interview, soft skills help to wow the employer so you get the job offer. On the job they help you to maintain positive relationships with supervisors, co-workers, and customers alike. These skills are also transferable so, regardless of where you work, your efforts to build strong interpersonal skills will pay off. What’s more, combining strong technical skills and interpersonal skills on a resume helps you stand out in a pool of job applicants.

What Is the Employability Workshop?

This three-day program provides a solid foundation for learning many of the soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace. Some of the skills we cover include communication, time management, and decision making. Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants are awarded a certification which they can add to their resumes and promote during interviews. At the end of the workshop, we schedule one-on-one time with each individual to help personalize their job search by providing the following services: Resume creation, job search assistance, interview coaching and work appropriate attire for interviews

Workshop Schedule: Offered in person as well as virtually

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Coursework Overview:

The Employability Workshops cover a range of soft skills that are desired by employers in the workplace, including:

Motivation and Attitude: These are the driving forces that allow us to achieve our goals, get along with others, effectively solve problems and more. Yet, many people don’t know what motivates them or just how much their attitude effects their everyday lives. We help each participant to evaluate their personal motivations and gain a better understanding of what drives them to succeed, reactions to events, and positive vs. negative attitudes.

Time Management: We all have personal and professional goals and dreams, whether it’s going to college, buying a house, landing a dream job, losing weight, or taking an incredible vacation in the Caribbean. But many of us let time slip away and fail to achieve these goals because we don’t know how to manage our time effectively. The Employability Workshop provides great tips for determining your goals and managing your time to help achieve those goals.

Communication: Communication with others involves far more than words. It includes expressing yourself clearly and appropriately, actively listening, and nonverbal communication. These skills and how they impact successful communication with others are addressed in the workshops.

Decision Making: Employers are looking for people who can think for themselves and solve simple problems without engaging management assistance. We teach participants the process of decision making, including identifying the decision, gathering information, finding and evaluating alternative options, taking action, and reviewing your decision.

Ethics: Say you’re working the cash register at the checkout and your co-worker asks you to give her a discount greater than she’s entitled to. You want to get along with your co-worker but you also don’t want to get in trouble or do the wrong thing. What do you do? How do you handle this situation? Using your newly learned decision-making skills, we cover how to address and make ethical decisions in the workplace.

Conflict Resolution: We’ve all had a disagreement with a co-worker or a supervisor at one time or another. Handling these conflicts in a professional manner that results in the best interests of all involved helps you to be a great team player that others want to work with. We discuss ways to help you resolve conflicts with others, while being assertive rather than passive or aggressive.